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'Roos on the Road: Ann Savage's Summer Abroad

'Roos on the Road: Ann Savage's Summer Abroad

This summer, Ann Savage, along with several other members of the Austin College women's basketball team, will be globe-trotting with stops in Europe, as well as South America and Central America. Periodically this summer, Ann will be providing updates from her whirlwind travel itinerary.

First up is a trip to London, where Ann has been joined by Bryce Frank, Mikayla Gascich, and Caitlyn Collins. The quartet came to Austin College as members of the same recruiting class, and are traveling the world heading into their senior year (though Savage has two years of basketball eligibility remaining). Amsterdam and Berlin are also on the agenda, while Savage and Gascich will be heading to Peru during the month of June, volunteering to work with children. Finally, members of the basketball team will be heading to Costa Rica for a team trip later this summer.

Here's Ann's first check-in over the weekend in London.


We have been in London for five days now and are having a blast! We have seen "Hamlet" and "Merchant of Venice" at the Globe so far. Everyone agreed, "Hamlet" was our favorite and the actor that played him was a girl and really excellent. A highlight for us was Winston Churchill's war room. We learned a lot about the history of the war and him as a person. He was a very inspiring but demanding man.

We have seen many former grounds of royalty and have enjoyed the gardens and learning about the history. I think our favorite restaurant so far was Dishoom, which served authentic Indian food. We have been eating well and eating some dessert, too, but all the stairs have kept us in shape! We have been averaging walking about 9 miles and probably around 30 flights of stairs each day. We have been practicing our accents and have been laughing a lot, and entertaining each other as always.